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At Insurancepe, we strive to ensure you get the RIGHT coverage for the RIGHT cost. We don’t just want to make a ‘sale’, we want to make you our lifelong customer for all your insurance needs.
We are the right choice for your insurance needs. Why?

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You can stop worrying about your insurance needs and adequacy. With us, you get the smartest insurance strategy at the best possible cost.

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This is an era of instant gratification wherein people expect immediate responses and results. We are here to deliver that.

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You no longer have to worry about the small text. We do that and let you know the best terms for your coverage.

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Struggling with the insurance company’s claim requirements? Leave it to us to deal with them, our customer service ensures you get zero trouble and the best possible experience.

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The grace of God is like insurance. It helps in the time of need without any limit. We live in an unpredictable world. Hence, we are accessible 24/7 Online onLife!

Motor PeMotor Pe
Motor insurance is a compulsory insurance which you require for your vehicle.
Life PeLife Pe
Through our life insurance solutions, we offer to protect your loved ones
Health PeHealth Pe
It is often the case that we realise the need for health
Property PeProperty Pe
Our houses are something we often spend years and a lot of

the perfect choice for Individuals, Enterpreneurs and Corporates

Corporate & SME

Motor fleet

Managing a motor fleet policy takes considerable time and effort. Topspot aims to help you offload this time-consuming task.

Group Life

Topspot’s insurance professionals help you choose the best insurance provider, assists you in tweaking the benefits to your satisfaction

Group Health

Coverage usually includes employees and their dependents which satisfy certain relationship and age requirements


With our support, you’re not just purchasing property insurance, you’re adopting a risk management approach that can help you gain peace of mind.

Marine & Aviation

A complex industry with complex challenges requires complex and innovative insurance solutions which are tailored to your business’ needs.

Risk Management

Topspot offers you solutions that aim to offload your worries regarding this. With risk as our expertise, our solutions helps in mitigation as well as loss recovery.

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Corporate & SME

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