Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management, primarily used to protect against the risk of uncertainty. For example, in the case of motor insurance, you stand to lose financially if your car were to meet with an accident. Insurance protects you against such loss.
Utmost Good Faith is one of the key principles which insurance operates on. It means that both the insurer and the proposer/insured parties have to be transparent and truthful with each other in the disclosing of all material facts. Withholding information by one party works against the interests of the other. Hence, we urge you to be open and transparent with us and the insurance company to ensure we are able to provide you a hassle-free service.
Quite simply, an insurance agent is a representative of an insurance company and is paid by the insurance company a certain percentage of the premium. On the other hand, an insurance broker is NOT a representative of an insurance company. Even though a broker earns income in a similar fashion, a broker represents the customer. InsurancePe is a broker and our customer’s needs and satisfaction remains our top most priority. To ensure that our customers get adequate insurance coverage at the best possible cost and experiences the best kind of service is what we excel at.
While most people are focused only on the premium to be paid, and oversee the small text i.e. terms and conditions, InsurancePe sets out to make sure you are aware of what is covered so you face no surprises when it is time to claim. InsurancePe is an IRDA licensed insurance broking company which sells insurance company products.
At the moment we offer Motor, Life, Health and Property insurance products for our individual customers. For our Corporate and Small business clients, we have Motor Fleet, Life, Health, Property and Marine & Aviation offerings. We also offer risk management consultancy services.| For your insurance needs, you may contact us by phone or email, the details of which are mentioned on the Contact Us page.
It’s easy. You can either do it by dropping us an e-mail or giving us a call. You will find out contact details on the Contact us page. If you prefer a more personal approach or chai pe discussion, you can visit us at our office or ask us to visit you at your home and we will help you with your insurance needs.
It is our motto to ensure you are aware of your policy’s terms and conditions and coverage details before you even purchase the coverage. Yet, if you ever have any queries about your policies, you may contact us at any time and our Customer Service will clarify your doubts to your satisfaction. How do I file a claim? If there is ever a claim under a policy which you have purchased through us or through anywhere else, all you have to do is head over to the File your claim page and provide us with your policy number, phone number and a short description of your claim. Our Customer Service agents will contact you immediately and advise you on the documentation required to ensure a speedy settlement.
Cancelling your insurance is a simple process. Just give us a call or drop us an e-mail with your Name, phone number and policy number along with your reason for cancellation. We want to ensure that you’re completely satisfied and always appreciate your feedback on our services as we are always looking to improve.
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is the regulatory body which oversees all insurance activities in the India with the aim of protecting the interests of policyholders. They are the apex body responsible for licensing and regulation of insurance companies, brokers, agents, and any other institutions with insurance as their primary business.