Rebellious Spirit

Topspot Broking is a newly created entity; thus, we are not burdened either with history or with the pressure of financial markets. Our rebellious spirit makes us work continuously for the success of our clients and often in this process reinventing ourselves. Rebellious spirit is a Creative Ethical People spirit, it is new and innovative. It is the love towards good work. Being rebellious is not being against something, but at Topspot it is always for something. All dictionaries, without exception, give only one meaning to the word ‘rebellious’ – to fight against. Our rebellious spirit is always for change and creativity! The present nature of the insurance business seems to have been reduced to mediocrity, a routine! How can that be when every risk to be insured is dynamic?

Greatest Happiness of Greatest Number
We do not have an entrepreneurial culture.
An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. When we believe that our reward is the success of our clients, how can we claim to have an entrepreneurial culture? We no longer need offices world-wide. The year 2020 has changed the world beyond recognition. We are glad to witness this revolution. Now, the entire world is just a ‘click’ away! Thus, we retained our absolute freedom to do what is right for your business and deliver the very best.

The famous quote can be amended as “The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of business and profits”, which is the cornerstone of any business and ethics. Accordingly profit and loss are two sovereign masters who control all businesses. The main aim of any business is to increase the profits and to reduce the losses. In doing so, sometimes people tend to do those things which may not be morally correct. To avoid this, we suggest a pragmatic approach which involves a balance between profit and loss – risk and premium. This is what we call ‘greatest profits for a greater number of people. In other words, our sole approach to business is your victory.

Ethical People
We do not utter this grand statement: ‘Our people have an unmatched work ethic’! All we say is that we are ethical people. We act only on that principle whereby we can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law. We respond to help clients quickly to changing markets and growing risks. At the same time, we being ‘ethical’ does not mean we are discussing ethical character traits; this can be a topic for a hot debate! This is perfectly true because what constitutes ethical behaviour is a matter of opinion. What we mean by ‘ethical people’ is, we think before suggesting a possible insurance solution, we remain loyal to the clients, treat others well and maintain consistently model high standards of professionalism.

Customers or Partners?
We stay focused on the needs of our customers and embrace their challenges as ours. You are not simply our customers, but our partners. Thus, we work hand in hand to proactively achieve long-term goals securing all your interests. We are happy when we can provide you with the best and most adequate solutions in insurance, claims management, risk management as well as employee benefits.

Raja Gopal Reddy PhD, FCII, FLMI, FIII believes the field of risk management and insurance are the exclusive areas of knowledge workers who have ability to solve complex risk issues by coming up with innovative solutions and developing new products or services in an ethical way. These workers focus on quality than quantity, assigning themselves tasks based on their interests and goals, as this will influence the speed and quality of the service.